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What is Support Coordination 


Support Coordination is support that is to ensure you are receiving the most from your NDIA funds. Support Coordination is funded through our NDIS plan under capacity building and is provided to assist in building skills while implementing and using your plan effectively. 

A Support Coordinator works with you to implement your NDIS funds through support establishment. Assisting to engage providers, ensuring choice, control and best supports for the individual. Working to build capacity, providing information to best understand different providers, working with you to address needs specific to your life. Linking you with Government agencies, mainstream services and the community to increase independence and achieve plan goals. 

Other roles (not limited to):

  • Reviewing Service agreements, allocation of funds and support design

  • Supporting to access and find eligible services outside of the NDIS 

  • Building understanding of your plan and funding 

  • Communication with providers 

  • Reporting to the NDIA 

  • Crisis supports 

  • Mitigating arising problems

  • Submission of change in circumstances 

Support Line Item: 

07_001_0106_8_3   Support Coordination Level 1: Support Connection                                             $70.87

07_002_0106_8_3   Support Coordination Level 2: Coordination of Supports                                    $100.14

01_851_0115_1_1   Individualised Living Options - Support Model                                                     $100.14

01_850_0106_1_1   Individualised Living Options - Exploration and Design                                       $100.14

01_134_0117_8_1   Capacity Building and Training in Self-Management and Plan Management     $70.87 

09_006_0106_6_3   Life Transition Planning Incl. Mentoring Peer-Support And Indiv Skill Develop  $70.87

01_799_0106_1_1   Provider travel - non-labour costs                                                                            $1.00 Per KM 

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